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conceptual sculpture heading
police tape guns

Relgion Battles Ghost Planes from the Past

You Are Not Invited to the Next Dimension....


War and Peace, Inc.

Now Get Our of that Crossfire

They're After My Hamburgers

The Battle of Skull Mountain

Return With Wings

The One Way Door

Gun Skull Coffin - Tall and Open

Davey Jones Locker Robbery - Gun Skull 1

Two Sizes Too Small - Gun Skull 3

Spectre of Man's Favorite Sport - Exploded Skull

UnVisible Woman - and Chucky

The Porcupine Skull Map
\Night Moves of the Living Dead

Night Moves of the Living Dead



The Bone Rifle - Facing Left

The Bone Rifle - Facing Right

One With Everything - For Nothing (Blam Sandwich)

gun skeleton 1 The Formula of Skeletons - Gun Skeleton 1

The Formula of Skeletons - Gun Skeleton 2


Society and Son - Two Skulls Fighting

A New Kind of Blindfold - Gun Skull 2

Zorro is Fighting Fred Flintstone - 2 Skeletons Fighting

Skull Gun Meatball

Skull - With Visitors

Skull Mound Auto da Fe

The Silver Bullet Skull

And Where the Hell is my AR-15?

The Silver Pistols Skull

The Guns Skull Map

gun skull coffin - wide
Gun Skull Coffin - Wide Semi-Closed

YOU can actually save lives! 50% of all proceeds from the sale of these original scuptures, or from any prints ordered of them will go to help the nonprofit organizations administer effective social services to gun offenders and gun victims in the city of Oakland, CA's extremely successful CEASEFIRE Program. Help your fellow humans out - and receive some art.