Collage on Canvas
These unique works - for sophisticated and for curious viewers and are for sale from just $25. This is the only art I am aware of using only decals, static clings, stickers and temporary tattoos for its entire collage source.
Ask if you're curious about any of them.
Digital prints of all of these original collages are available. See my auctions on eBay!
Read my Notes on Collage.

This is Your American Flag

Sitting Pretty on a Feathered Fairy

Religion Battles Ghost Planes of the Past

Altered Marauders

The Cuckoo Clock of Doom

Super Odd Couple

To be Space and Time

Spirits Beneath the Frozen World

Atomic Bachelor Flat

Why Women Choose Men

Conqueror Slaves of Babylon vs. The Superior Court

Dangerous Pursuit of the Iron Fist

Tennessee Time Machine

Reflections of the Sad Cafe

Teen Wilderness

Seems Like the Last Safari

Kid Rock

The Pimps

Young and Restless Commodities



Peeling Foxes

The Warped Tour

Great Team Logos

Then a Bird Appears

Breakin' Down

Iraq and the Arch of Titus

Something Corporate This Way Comes

B&B Cams

Collector's Item

Mail Pouch High School

Running Man

Guardian - Stolen

Hypnotized - Stolen

Snickers 15 - Stolen


Another way of looking at supporting this art is to realize that if you buy 2 digital prints of these collages, you will help me pay for my studio expenses for one day. Please actively support the arts such as this - or they will die.