Collage on Canvas II
These works are already in the hands of collectors. However,
archival and accurate Digital prints of all of these original collages are available. See my auctions on eBay or contact me directly!
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Shield of Achilles

First US Erotic Zombietown
The Flash of the Rose

Obey, Obey, Obey

Chaos Simulations

Life Can Be Frozen

The New Maid Overture

Through Our Very Own Donuts

Honolulu - City of Darkness

You Like the Devil

The Drowning Pool

A1 21 Citgo

The Neverending Time Bandits

Avenging the River

Music Will Protect the Family?

Biker Trash Maid

Sorry, Wrong Minute to Pray

Ambush the Swimmer

The Horde II

Clouded Sulphur

The Man from Utah and the Leopard Woman

The Last of the Many

Hot Stuff II

Considerate Earth
Sport of Being Human

The Misfits Gotta Stay Happy

World Without Thunder

Secret Wasteland

It's Not Amazing!
Rides Like a Feather
Ford Fox 22

I Dream of Mideast Analysis

Kelloggs Car Babe

Columbus Without a Cause

Miss Nova

Effie's Handle

The Girl From the Enemy Below

Hail to the Thief

Wonder Woman of Mexico

She Doesn't

Before and After the Jazz Singer

Bye Bye Brave Summer

Ida Mae

Yellow Deconstruction

Soft Note Call-In

Canada Dry 3

Galactic Steps to Wealth

Oo-Way Osama?

You've Turned Down the Lost Highway

When Dinosaurs Ruled Earth from Outer Space

Dad, Can I Borrow Manhattan?

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