Collage on Canvas III
These works are already sold to collectors. However,
Digital prints of all of these original collages are available.
Read my Notes on Collage.

Story of the Year

Baked by Half

Arp 99 Jets

Children of the World Series

A Time to Love to Die

Find the Icon

Connecting Dots

Untouchable Latitude

Goddess of the Helmets

The Will to Live

Private Smashup on Interstate 5

The Winning Hand of Culture

Your Daddy?

Together at Last (Babe and Taz)

World of Jeopardy

Closed for Dungeon Dreams

The Legen of Judgement Day

Vegas Romantic

People Behind Bars

Special Delivery II

The Streets

Playing Field

Thinking of Domination?

We Can't Go Here

Get the Flying Nun

Warn God

Skate Shooting

Got Empire?

Fate of the Birds

A Street Story

Floating Numbers

Bare Arms

Angel Faces

We're Back!

Oodles of Boodles

Lost Lobos

Incorporate the Winner

The Day the Earth Caught Fire

The Coca Cola Racing Family

Smile Harris Teeter

Mars Needs Women

Last Man Out

Injured? Let Us Help You

Shellgame Against a Crooked Sky

Barbie Sox Icons