My print studio is located at 2615 Minna Avenue, Oakland, CA 94619.

Call 510 536-5889

Directions to 2615 Minna Avenue, Oakland, CA 94619
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2615 Minna Avenue, Oakland, CA  94619

Directions to 2615 Minna Avenue, Oakland, CA 94619 

Directions using East 580 (toward Hayward):

Take the High Street exit (exit 24a). Turn right onto High Street and go 6 short blocks to Brookdale Avenue.

Turn right at Brookdale Ave. and go down 2 blocks. Turn right at the stop sign, which is Minna Avenue. I am one door down on the left at 2615. Please park right on the street. It's a very quiet neighborhood!  



Directions using West 580 (toward downtown Oakland):

Take the MacArthur Blvd/High Street exit (exit 25). Go straight through the stop sign onto Calaveras Ave. Calaveras Ave. becomes MacArthur Blvd. Turn left onto High Street and go 6 short blocks to Brookdale Avenue.

Turn right at Brookdale Ave. and go down 2 blocks. Turn right at the stop sign, which is Minna Avenue. I am one door down on the left at 2615. Please park right on the street. It's a very quiet neighborhood!  


Directions to 2615 Minna Avenue, Oakland, CA 94619

Directions using South 880:

Take the High Street exit (exit 38). Follow the curving exit to the left which then becomes 42nd Avenue. Follow 42nd Ave. until it becomes Courtland Ave which curves to the right.

Turn left onto High Street and go 5 long blocks to Brookdale Avenue.

Turn left at Brookdale Ave. and go down 2 blocks. Turn right at the stop sign, which is Minna Avenue. I am one door down on the left at 2615. Please park right on the street. It's a very quiet neighborhood!



Directions using North 880:

Take the High Street exit (exit 38). Turn right onto High Street. Go about 1 mile.

Turn left at Brookdale Ave. and go down 2 blocks. Turn right at the stop sign, which is Minna Avenue. I am one door down on the left at 2615. Please park right on the street. It's a very quiet neighborhood!


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"If you have an artistic vision or image you can realize, it's almost certain that you can create fine art quality digital prints that are extremely true to your original image, whether it is painting, photography or even printmaking in other media. Fine art quality digital printing is now available and affordable and it is revolutionizing the concept of the fine art" - John Sheridan

Why Should You Print Digitally?

For generations, quality printing of fine art or photography required one’s own press, a darkroom, or a very expensive limited edition printed by a master printer. Now, with the development of digital software and archival printers, if you have a painting, print, photograph, computer-generated image, or document you can make one, two, ten or a hundred prints, large or small - whenever you want them.

Once your image has been digitized and formatted for printing, you can print a file immediately or years from now and can print it often without further preparation, a huge savings of your time and money. Imagine your artwork, photography, special documents or images printed on canvas, or archival paper or other materials. Find out how inexpensive it can be compared to retail costs at expensive service bureaus. The quality of Epson prints will last for generations. The prints you will receive are fine art quality, and designed to last 100 years.

My Incredibly Low Rates

Print your digital files on a new Epson 9900 pro wide format digital printer which can print up to 44" wide up to unlimited length. The best file formats for you to use are TIFFs, PSDs, PDFs, EPSs and also good quality JPGs:

Printing your work on Fine Art Papers and Canvases is just $7 - $11.50 per square foot using my paper or just $9.75 per square foot on canvas. This is nearly one half what Kinko's costs, and only 1/3 - or less - what service bureaus charge, but with very personal service. We can also print on other materials such as gold, silver, silk and translucent/transparent plastic media. [PLEASE NOTE: Fof images that have or are predominantly BLACK I WILL ADD 10% to each print.]

Set Up Fee: Many service bureaus charge $100-200 for a set up fee, and I charge $0 - IF your files are already formatted for final printing, and only $44/hr if we need to format your images. An 'already formatted' file is one that is at the size and resolution you need, including the borders you need to have surrounding your image.

Print Sizes: Prints may be printed at any size you like within the abilities of the printer. Smaller prints sizes may be printed and cut down to your custom needs from a larger sheet size. The smallest sheet size is 8.5 x 11" which can be printed from the larger roll and cut down or from a precut letter size sheet.

The largest print sizes can go up to 44" wide by almost unlimited length.

If we use your paper or canvas you pay just $5.50 per square foot. It must be pro inkjet manufactured. Other papers may not work in the 9900 or can be printed at $8.50 a square foot. Please contact me if you have any questions and want to bring your own media.

Test prints (proofs): Test prints are recommended and are usually done on strips of paper or canvas. They are from just $3 per test for small prints, and somewhat more on canvas or larger tests. A test proof can be critical to assure accuracy of color, resolution, texture and scale so that adjustments can be made prior to printing your final print. No print is 100% accurate but tests strips if requested can help us approach your original colors very closely.

Varnishing your images after printing: If you wish to have your work varnished (recommended especially for printing on canvas), there will be a small charge applying 4 spray coats of either matte, semi-gloss or glossy archival varnish: This comes to just $1.75 per square foot. (Many other printers charge $6 or more for this service).

For canvas: Stretching your canvases over wooden stretcher bars. Like a painting, I can expertly stretch your prints on canvas over inexpensive wooden stretcher bars for the cost of materials, plus time spent stretching them at $24/hr. Canvases can be stretched for as little as $10 up to about $35 for time and materials, they look very clean and handsome in this format and are ready to hang. This can be much less expensive than custom framing your work.

Please note if you would like to print on canvas and have the canvas stretched over stretcher bars, wooden stretcher bars are sized in 1" or 2" long increments and your printed image needs to conform to those increments to fit precisely when it is stretched over the stretcher bars. For example, images that are 10.2" x 25.5" are not in 1" or 2" increments. Please ask me for help if your images are odd sizes and we can work to make them fit perfectly onto stretcher bars. Also, prints on canvas that you want stretched need some extra canvas to stretch around the wooden stretcher bars, usually at least 2.5 inches per side.

A CD (or FTP-ing) )of your final printable files is $6 - 10.00 (DVDs are $12) including converting your files to high quality JPGs. You will then have your files for future use. I can save each image in TIFF, Photoshop as well as JPG formats. I can also format and optimize your images for use on the internet, to your specifications, based on time spent at $44/hr. I can also upload your printable files remotely online for the same cost. Copying your files to a jump-thumb-flash drive is $4.

Cutting. Cutting is usually a tiny extra cost, usually between 25 cents to $1.50 per print depending on size. All cutting costs are included in any estimate or quote I can give you beforehand.

Folding. Folding is rarely requested but would be an added charge based on time spent at $44/hr.

Wrapping and/or shipping your prints. Wrapping your prints in paper or plastic is free. Wrapping in larger plastic is 25 - 50 cents per bag. You may prefer a box or shipping tube and if I have them available the size you want it's a small extra charge. Shipping your work is the cost of materials and shipping/handling.

Rush Prints and Services. If you need work in 48 hours or less, please factor in an additional 25% to the total estimate.

Deposits and nonrefundable deposits prior to printing. I will be glad to work up an estimate and a deposit of approximately 50% of the estimate will be appreciated before final prints or substantial services are performed. 25% of my estimate, if we decide to go ahead is nonrefundable.

Discounts. For works 8x10" or larger, I will give you a 10% discount for any single image for which we make 4 - 20 prints!
And 15% off if we make 21 - 40 of any image in a single printing!
If we print 41 - 60 it will be 20% off.
If we print 61 - or more of any single print it will be 25% off.

Please note I make every effort to very efficiently place and fit your work on the size of paper or canvas that we are using in the printer. Sometimes there is wasted canvas or paper which is reflected in the printing costs. If I can use the lost canvas or paper, then there is only a very small charge for this to you. This depends upon the project and the urgency of the need for the prints. Longer lead times allow me to more easily arrange to use any otherwise wasted paper or canvas.

Quotes. Please feel free to ask for a quote and a proof before giving a final goahead, and I will be glad to provide you with an as accurate as possible itemized estimate.

Payment Methods. Cash, or personal check made out to John Sheridan, or Zelle (just use my phone number of email address to set that up instantly), or Paypal (use as my Paypal account name.).  If using Paypal may I request we split their fees 50-50 and add that to the total, usually 1.5% for each of us. If using Venmo my account is John-Sheridan-46 and the last four digits of my cell are 2814.

The Epson 9900 Printer

The Epson 9900 I use prints from letter size up to 44" wide by unlimited length.

The Epson 9900 uses the new "Ultrachrome HDR" inks, utilizing 10 inks including Matte (or Photo) Black, Light Black, Light Light Black, Cyan, Magenta, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Yellow, Orange and Green to reproduce the subtle tonal passages of your original.

This Epson prints on photographic, fine art papers, canvases, fabrics including silks, vinyl and posterboard up to 1.5mm thick.

Link to the Epson web site for the 9900 printer specifications
Link to the Wilhelm Imaging Research Laboratories site for information on the archivability of Epson inks on Epson and other substrates.

epson 9900 printer
Editing Your Images, Rental, Consulting and Scanning Services

Other helpful digital services provided for you at a prorated fee of just $40.00 per hour plus materials:

File Formats: If you are providing me with electronic files, they should be in an RGB format. CMYK works but the color may shift unpredictably. Please have your images in the highest quality file format possible, such as TIFF, PSD, PDF or EPS, although JPG may work very well depending on the image and the size of print you want to print.

Your Digital Files: If you bring your own digital files, generally have a resolution of 300 ppi (dpi) or at least 150 ppi (dpi) at the scale you wish to print. Higher resolutions than 300 ppi allow for greater enlargment of print sizes. If your files are lower than 150 dpi we can do a small test print and view the quality, some lower resolution images print very well.

Editing and formatting your images. If our consultation requires less than 15 minutes there is no charge. If your file requires more time than that to prepare for printing, the charge would be only $44 per hour prorated to actual time spent. This is often less than $10 and well worth the small investment if you need to adjust your image before printing. File formats that print best usually are TIFFs, PDFs, EPS, PSD or JPG. Any adjustments can be permanently saved to the file for future use.

RETOUCHING service to restore old or damaged Photographs! If you have family or other precious photographs, I can scan them into the computer and amazingly restore them to their former glory and clarity. Time varies but I charge only $44 per hour prorated to actual time spent. With scanning and color correction and cleaning your photos often less than $50. Any adjustments can be permanently saved to the file for future printing. Click here to see some examples of photographs I have restored inexpensively!

UPLOADING YOUR FILES to me remotely: If you wish to upload files to me and they are larger than about 20 megabytes, you can use either of these free and very easy online file uploading sites: or dropbox (if using dropbox please send me the 'link'). These services can accept any type of file. You will need to include my email address: Once you have uploaded the file(s) I will then automatically receive an email with a link back to your file from the web site and I can download it. Very easy! I can also upload your final printable files to you this way.

PHOTOGRAPHING or SCANNING your images. To digitize your images, I can scan your work using a 3200 dpi Epson 12000XL flatbed scanner, from as little as $12 - $55 depending on the size of your original, plus the small costs of any test proofs you would like to make. Ask for an estimate!

Or you may wish to consult with a photographer or service bureaus for photographing your work to digitize your images if they are on film, or have your large or very delicate images shot with a larger digitally-backed view camera.

The printer is located at 2615 Minna Avenue, Oakland, CA 94619. In a pretty, quiet neighborhood, between the 580 and 880 Freeways and near the Fruitvale BART station. See map above. For more information or questions on digital printing, contact me at or (510) 536-5889
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