Other Worthwhile Sites

Art and Artists Web sites - Please go and visit these worthwhile sites
Art Openings in the SF Bay Area - THE BEST PLACE to see online reviews of what's going on at the galleries

The Guardian - UK's Progressive Newspaper's Arts Section

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Art History Timeline
The 'What you need to know about Art History' site

Art Serve - many great shots of rare artwork from the Mediterranean Basin and Japan
Winston Smith
Mark Harden's Artchive - Marcel Duchamp (also see for Piet Mondrian, Rembrandt and other artists).
Meyer Schapiro on Cezanne. Classic analysis by a passionate art lover.
The MacGuffin - Alfred Hitchcock Scholars Meet Here a great site by Ken Mogg.

Good site for looking for images, say, of Manet, etc. in the NATIONAL GALLERY's collection in DC.
The Prehistoric Cave paintings at Chauvet - Pont d'Arc
Ukiyo-e - Images of the Floating World - Japanese Woodcuts

Some non-art and political Web sites - Please take a look!

A very interesting site by the French Lacanian Psychoanalyst Jacques Siboni
TRUTHOUT.ORG - Very Progressive News and Opinions
School of the Americas Watch - a site all SANE people should visit. Shut down the SCHOOL OF ASSASSINS Now!!!!