Other Worthwhile Sites

Art and Artists Web sites - Please go and visit these worthwhile sites
Art Openings in the SF Bay Area - THE BEST PLACE to see online reviews of what's going on at the galleries

The Guardian - UK's Progressive Newspaper's Arts Section

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Art History Timeline
The 'What you need to know about Art History' site
ARTLEX - Art Dictionary
Mother of all Art History Links Page - U. of Michigan
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: History of Art

Art Serve - many great shots of rare artwork from the Mediterranean Basin and Japan
R. Crumb
Winston Smith
Graham Bird - a Photographer of people, places and planes
Chris Fabbri's Painting Web Site
Marc Ulrich - artist, illustrator, animator in Paris
Steven Dryplocher's amazing Flash animations, at comandeer.com!
Mark Harden's Artchive - Marcel Duchamp (also see for Piet Mondrian, Rembrandt and other artists).
Meyer Schapiro on Cezanne. Classic analysis by a passionate art lover.
The MacGuffin - Alfred Hitchcock Scholars Meet Here a great site by Ken Mogg.
Snap Dragon - a site dedicated to understanding the paintings of the great Piet Mondrian. Created by Nick Blackburn

Giotto - Web Gallery of Art - good scans of the works of the man who brought about the rebirth of art in the West after a hiatus of 1200 years.
Do you know about Virgil Finlay - one of the finest Science Fiction Illustrators ever. A good site for his work.
Paperback and Pulp Links - Pulp covers represent some of the best art created in the America of that time. Often much better than all but the best 'fine' artists.
Good site for looking for images, say, of Manet, etc. in the NATIONAL GALLERY's collection in DC.
The Prehistoric Cave paintings at Chauvet - Pont d'Arc
Ukiyo-e - Images of the Floating World - Japanese Woodcuts
Underground Comics

Some non-art and political Web sites - Please take a look!

A very interesting site by the French Lacanian Psychoanalyst Jacques Siboni
Common Dreams - Breaking News and Views of the Progressive Community
School of the Americas Watch - a site all SANE people should visit. Shut down the SCHOOL OF ASSASSINS Now!!!!

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