My work belongs to the future because I include the future in my work.
Art of our mad empire, overheated cultural delusions, lethal technology and destructive class.
Art as though there was a culture for which to make art. -- John Sheridan

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Mahatma Gandhi asked what he thought about Western culture answered that it would be a good idea. It still applies to the 'culture' in which we find ourselves, which, as the imperial American economic machine slides toward the future, our social mindset slides as quickly back toward 1900 (or 900).

What's it to be a visual artist in this place (California - or cyberspace - both of which appear anesthetically synonymous)? Why why make art at all? Does anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area care what any artist does? Does the overstimulated yet bored, money mad, violent, domineering society we have created even deserve art? I would answer further on the pages of this web site, allowing the artwork to ask and answer. Here, I only say that I am compelled to create art because it is important, if there is to be any real society, to create as highly evolved and honest communication as possible which is not under the domination of others and yet which is for them as much as for its maker.

Art is the logical conclusion of Western culture. Art gives an ultimate perspective on all other activities and beliefs: science, technology, religion, philosophy, government, commerce, violence. It attains this perspective by virtue of its wild unpredictability and the freedom and ability to reinvent itself at any moment in time. And thus escape our cultural tyranny. Art partially redeems a fatally, grotesquely materialistic society - by allowing individuals an honest, imaginative space to speak about the world.

I create because art is the only way to give myself the power to apply every mode of thought - emotion, logic, intuition, dreams, mystical insight, humor and even prejudice - to every other mode of thought. The result is a dynamic, non-hierarchical and non-linear expression unlike any other which places great value on the artist's individual perspective, and places equally great responsibility to create a purely inspired, uncorrupted and timeless experience for the viewer, especially the viewer of the future. Art is not a commodity, it is an ultimate act of faith.

All symbolic complexities lie within this activity. Let others please the upper classes with well-crafted, soporific decoration which flatters dominant and neurotic class prejudices, and the unevolved and generally uninspired cultural 'gatekeepers'of the art world. I am after something else, much more powerful, far-reaching and longer lived (because much more deeply embedded in the subconscious history of images, projecting them into the future). I hope the following pages, images, thoughts and essays I've written are taken in the spirit they are given - which is the pure search for real meaning - looking intently at yet in laughing opposition to an often decadent, forgettable, violent, two-faced and materialist society. It is the society in which we live, must face and change.

(510) 536-5889