Gravity Painting (5/24/05)

Tuatha da Danaan (2/19/01)

Gravity Painting (4-15-05)

final judgment

Some Magic Years

disappearing world

From the Disappearing World

gravity painting

Gravity Painting

hurled home to the minoans

Hurled Home to the Minoans

Look Who's Talking Time Machine

Reborn on a Tightrope

Red Gravity Painting



zap - detail

From the Years of Lessons

Small Gravity Painting

Island of One Minute

Abstract Oval

ZAP - Detail 2

ZAP - Detail 3

zap - detail

ZAP - Detail

Enlightenment of the Air

Mystery of the Figures


Small Gravity 2003

defender of thunder

Defender of Thunder

4 hours

4 Hours Without Passion

Bird Mountain (2002)

Strokes May 91

Gravity 1988

Zap! 1989

Ride of the Valkyries (4/19/97)

Above the Bad Dreams

Gravity Painting 5/6/05