Conceptual Tableaus
These works are modular, conceptual tableaux.
Digital prints of any of these sculptures are available.

Dressed and Ready

Barbie Shows Off

The Littlest Collateral Damage

Well Equipped

Looter Joe

Presents for Joe

La Gloire!

Three Amigos

Who Goes There?

Joe and Barbie Leave the Material World Behind

Joe Teaches Us


I got my MBA in Sales

The New Recruit

We're Here!

Where is he?

He's Got You Covered

Veni Vidi Vici

Tom, Dick, Harry and Friend

Torturing Prisoners

Ten Hut

The Annointed

Boys and Girls Returning

Squad Forward
One way of looking at supporting this art is to realize that if you buy just 2 digital prints of any of these images, you will help me pay for my studio expenses for one day. Please support the arts - or they will die.