Thunderbird (2004), 6 x6", Acrylic, Vinyl on Canvas

- Collection of Sandra Percell -

An anonymous viewer's deconstruction on this work:

"I think the top of that image, the NJ Devils image, looked sort of like a crabs pincers, or some sort of pincers or plyers. It looked threatening. [A friend] said it looked like a reclining, somewhat seductive human figure. I didnt think it was seductive at all; I preferred that diaphanous female floating around in the upper left corner of the image, the woman with the long brown hair . . . In any case, it dominated the whole collage graphically in a way that upset me.

The rest of the image seemed ephemeral, tentative, mysterious. . . There could have been smoke or incense in the air, but then WHAM. . .there was that NJ Devils image with its claws. . . Graphically it just overwhelmed all the rest of this soft, mysterious imagery. . .it was sort of like a sledgehammer landing in a dream. . .

My mother woke me up one Saturday, when I was, Im sure, on my way to the best orgasm of my life . . . age 19 or so. . . All of a sudden she was hollering, GET OUTA BED; ITS 9:00 OCLOCK ; IM PUTTING THE BREAKFAST DISHES AWAY . . . The New Jersey Devils seemed sort of like my mother hollering in the rest of that collage. . .sort of like a sledgehammer on everything erotic . . ."